News - Winter 2013 Issue 17

Hello Everybody

This has been a bit of a difficult year. I lost my husband Emmette at the end of 2012. There is much that has had to be re-adjusted, but I am now getting back to work in the studio.

I think you will enjoy my latest new bronze, PLAYMATES. The horse and dog are good friends and completely understand each other as they romp in the pasture. I have created two options for you, the heeler and the golden retriever. Of course it just happens that I have a heeler and a golden retriever which may have something to do with the breeds I have chosen. And the models are always underfoot so they were handy to pose. I would consider doing other breeds of dogs if you have one in mind. And my patineur does a superb job of matching your dog's markings and color.

I also have a border collie in the wax, he however is not to the same scale, so he will not fit beside the horse. But if you favor border collies, let me know and I'll keep you  posted on his progress. He is not quite ready for public introduction.

Speaking of dogs, I am day caring two more most of the time. Another heeler and a corgie cross. My vacuum cleaner wants to run away from home. We will not discuss my kitchen floor since I have a dog door, but I can guarantee you won't get near the house without being loudly announced. I am also the first to know when it is raining or snowing.

My mule Mandy has a new career carrying some young people into the high country. She is an older lady now and deserves a lighter rider. The barn now has one retired older pony and a lovely medicine hat sorrel paint mare. "Feather" came to me this summer, laid off because of a bad injury but the vet says she is recovering nicely. Just one test ride so far, but I am so looking forward to next year.

Shadow Mountain Gallery in Jackson Hole Wyoming has a good selection of my sculptures now. They are also displaying my daughter's pastels, T Kurtz, so look for them, too. She has a facebook page, Starpointer Images, that you will enjoy seeing. The gallery is right on Main street in the heart of downtown Jackson, you can't miss it.

As our North Idaho winter sets in, I will be spending more and more time in the studio work area. Expect more new work.