News - Spring 2012 Issue 16

Hello Everybody

Now I remember what I didn't get done last fall, as the snow receeds I am clearing last year's debris, and yesterday I found new shoots doing their best under all the old plants. I know it is recommended to leave the seed heads for the winter birds, but really, what a mess right now! But it does feel so good to be outside. The courtyard garden has melted pretty well, but the vegetable garden is stillĀ fence to fence snow. At least it doesn't all hit me to do at once.

But the winter is the time to work inside, and I have been busy. I want to introduce my newest work for you.


I've had so many collectors regret that they are just running out of space as they enjoy my bronzes. And there are people who tell me they wish they could introduce my work to a relative or friend, they just know a person who would love my sculptures.

Perhaps the COLLECTOR'S CHOICE group can provide solutions. Beautiful smaller limited edition fine bronze sculptures. Those few I have done in the past have been very well received. And, being an alternative to the full size piece they are correspondingly affordable. They are cast with the same quality attention to detail, patina, and metal work by the same foundry that does my larger works. And the size of the each edition is collectably small, too, just 20.

You can always find a place for a COLLECTOR'S CHOICE bronze, or several. Possibly that special gift...or that award or celebration honor. Bases and name plates are availble to order for that one-of-a-kind occasion. Of course, I am always willing to discuss any particular needs you might have. And we do patina to order, too.

Collectors Choice March 2012

MY NEWEST COLLECTOR'S CHOICE SCULPTURES are on the New Works page of this site. Pre-cast prices are available now.