News June 2007 Issue 2

Hello Everybody

I am still trying to get out the rest of the current mailers, so those of you who haven't gotten yours yet, please be patient. And if you don't get one, and want to check if you are still on the list, (or want to be added to it) please send me an email with your correct address. It is not easy getting them all out with back to back shows, and all the other Spring frenzy.

Speaking of shows, we just did the first annual Western Art Show in Ritzville, Washington. It has all kinds of promise, small, but very good artists. And the people putting it on did so much work for all of us, and did a very good job on a first time show. I expect very good things about this show in the years to come. Oh, they also awarded me Best of Show. I LIKE these folks.

Otherwise, we are still mending fences around here. Emmette and the guys, Butch (Emmette Jr.) and Brett insist on fixing them right. In the past I have usually just blocked the holes and tightened the wires and added another strand of electric fence. Fixing them right takes much longer, much much longer!!! But then next spring things should be much easier. And Mandy's learning curve is faster than my repairs, there is nothing like a mule for showing me the error of my ways. Okay, she has already made three new holes in the last two weeks.

I hope some of you can make it out to see the gallery and the sculpture garden this year. Right now I have already counted l5 colors of columbine and more are still starting to bloom. As I unpack the truck the bronzes will be going out to the new areas prepared for them. If you garden, and so many of you do, you know how it is, you plant and visualize how it is supposed to come together, but seeing it actually work is still amazing. At least it is for me. Given the sometimes questionable survival rate up here each winter, a garden is always a surprise... for me.

The Messenger, the eagle sculpture, and the Circle of Life sculpture are at the foundry now being cast. I will honor the precast price for another month or so, so if you have any questions about these pieces, please let me know by phone or e-mail. We are happy to work with our collectors any way we can, time payments, whatever can make it simpler for you. Please feel free to discuss any ideas you might have. Starting a payment plan will hold the pre-cast price for you.

For those of you who haven't heard, I have donated a painting to a horse rescue organization for a fund raising raffle. The painting is shown here on my website, Soaring Spirit is 24" by 36", it is marked in the paintings section. If you are interested, I will be happy to fill out your raffle tickets for you, they are a dollar each. The drawing will be held June 30th, at the Carter Country Feed Store Customer Appreciation Celebration. If you win, I will build the crate if it has to be shipped, but I will ask that you pay shipping , so that the horses get all the proceeds of the raffle. Some of these rescued horses were abused, some just too old to be wanted by anyone, and some are young horses destined for slaughter. Many of you who have the space care for unusable or retired horses, we know that is part of responsible horse ownership, and we all do what we can for the others.

If you have any questions, and consider my somewhat iffy computer skills where emails are concerned, my phone number is 208 265 9613. If you don't get a response to your email, now you know why. So call, and I can always call you back. I just hate it when the computer says "you can't do that" and won't. But then I have an adding machine that starts playing music at 11 o'clock every night and I can't get it to quit. (Can you find all the directions for all your little electronic devises?) It is one of those that also insists on showing me the time in Tokyo, Dublin, and other places that don't concern me whenever it has nothing else to do. In fact, some days that is all it will do, except of course, play music at 11. Hey, I just realized what it is trying to play!! The William Tell Overture, or the theme from The Lone Ranger for those of us who are already over on this side of the hill. (It plays it very badly...that's why it took so long to recognize it.) Well, it is one way to end a day in the office.

Hi Ho Mandy...Away!        Gabe