News July 2007 Issue 3

Hello Everybody

The way this summer has gone, the last thing I needed was another Harry Potter book to come out. Harry, I just don't have time for you, but I will make time, of course. Somehow. But the beans are just coming on strong, today I filled the basket completely.

And I have a new armature on the work table, and a couple of ideas I am really excited about. It is time to do another "big" horse...I just love doing those! They feel so good in my hands as they come together. I will keep you all posted when it is done.

There will be photographs...if I can find my digital camera(?) I put it somewhere for safekeeping several weeks ago, and I have found so many other things while looking everywhere for it. I may have to buy another one just to find this one, you know how that works. Most of my studio time has been spent on paintings these last few weeks. No, I can't post new photos on this website of them (until I buy that new camera) but I am very pleased. Actually one of them has already gone out the door. A couple of my collectors came by to pick up their bronze this last week, and took two paintings as well. Bless them! And I still have a new gallery waiting for their consignment of paintings.

Speaking of galleries, Shadow Mountain Gallery in Jackson has carried my work for years. If you get to Jackson Hole in Wyoming, look for their beautiful place, right on Main Street. Now, the Astoria Fine Art Gallery in Astoria, Oregon has opened, and they carry my sculptures, and will also be showing my paintings if I ever get things together. A new gallery has opened this month in Couer d'Alene, Idaho, just on down the highway from the foundry. It is called Storywood Gallery. It is located in the Shops At The Resort, a rather nice shopping area just next to the Couer d'Alene Resort on the lakeshore right downtown. It is a truly beautiful gallery. All of these places are wonderful to visit, I hope you get the chance.

And, of course, there is this nice little gallery and studio tucked back in the woods here near Sandpoint, and you are all invited. No guarantee of availability, but the last four visitors to the gallery went home with bags of fresh produce from our garden, and a ton of ideas from my husband about some different ways to garden. (We have also sent customers home with bags of compost, but only if they have a more casual vehicle than some.) Petting mule and horse noses is just a bonus, if you are so inclined. They have a lot to do with the note about compost.

At this point we have a pretty steady, but not guaranteed, supply of whitetail deer fawns decorating our meadow and lawn. The boys were busy last year. Most of them are still at that endearing clumsy stage where they skitter like a mouse in a room full of cats. We also have a white footed deer mouse who has taken up residence in my work table, he has even been known to come out when I am working and offer his opinions briefly. The next thing I know I have a cat on the worktable, too, thank heaven I work in acrylic not oil. Have you ever tried to get oil paint off a cat's paws? I have. It spreads. Everywhere. Come to think of it, it may have something to do with why I am a sculptor.

We are still in our Hot weather, which is why I have been getting so much inside work done. And why the garden is doing so well for North Idaho. I look up at my cornstalks and the pollen lands on the top of my head. The weather is also bringing the bears down low, Emmette has never found so much bear sign so close to the house. This could get interesting.

I'll keep you posted.

UPDATE - August 3:
Wind Dancer is only days from the foundry! 23" tall by 22" long. It is another spirited horse with flying mane and tail, caught in an elevated flying lead change, high headed and proud. You will like this one! (I will get the photos as soon as I can on the web site.) The issue price will be around $3600.00. The precast price will be $2750.00. The way costs are rising to the foundry, they have to keep raising their prices, too. This may be the last time I can offer this low a precast to you on a sculpture this size. So keep your eye on the website, I'll have the photos as rapidly as possible. I love this piece. It will be my showpiece for the Peppertree Art Show in November in California.

Walk in beauty,        Gabe