News September 2007 Issue 4

Hello Everybody

First of all, do check out the works in progress right now. There is a new beautiful "big" horse available at the precast went directly to the foundry so that it could be shown at this year's Peppertree art Show. (Have you requested your invitation for this year's show yet? - See the 'shows' page for details.) And also in progress, finally for all you mule people, and the rest of you who just like equines....another MULE sculpture!!!! "Feels Soooo Good!" is another desk sized piece ready to make you smile every time you look at it. I have wanted to do this mule for quite a while now, and it turned out the way I had hoped.

As for life up here on the farm, well, over night we became a farm, if only temporarily, I hope. What happens when someone sells a place and the next purchase falls thru, and you have animals. You city folks with dogs and cats just think you have problems.

Try....a jersey cow, a goat, three dogs, seven barn cats,two horses, and thirty chickens. Actually there were two cows, four dogs, thirteen goats, a hundred chickens, the two horses, the cats and forty rabbits. Luckily in a week most of the critters had new homes..(Did you know that rabbits have to have separate cages, feeders, and water bottles that have to be filled every day?) Since the owners are running a hunting camp up in the hills, I have had a bit more time doing morning chores these days. T can't help at her place, she is taking care of seven horses owned by another friend in the same situation. Okay, I admit I bought the thirty chickens to be shared by T's family and ours. But my milking days are over, been there, done that!!

And remember, I still have our two dogs, three cats, five equines....and I just got ANOTHER horse. I have GOT to keep that gate closed. But if you come out, you have got to met Olaf. If you want a horse in your lap. A rather large, short horse. He is a Norwegian Fiord, and definately the draft type of Fiord. He is a cross between a couch potato and a teddy bear. Actually, riding him is alot like sitting on a couch, sideways. Yes, he is trained to be driven, evidently anything anywhere. His previous owner says he will do anything for groceries. But certainly a horse you have to hug.

As the days cool down we are feeling the pressure of seasonal preparation. There is a huge stack of firewood lengths cut and brought down from the hillside to be cut again and split. Finally got the back barn door sealed to keep the full hay area dry. Of course the garden is still in full production, I have never seen so many green beans, each week more to be blanched and frozen. The corn never makes it to the freezer. I don't know what type of sunflowers they were, but they are twelve feet high..I'll let the birds harvest them as they stand. The chickadees always find them. It is too early to clean out the flower beds, too, it will all come in a rush in a few weeks.

In my spare time I am painting again, and it is going well. They sold well out of the gallery this summer, and I have lots of new ideas I want to do.

Take a look at the show schedule and see when I will be in your area. I'd love to see you.

Walk in beauty,        Gabe

P.S. The sold out edition of Winterhorse's Dream has an available casting. Please contact Mr. Tom Garrett at 1 503 631 2240 for information. Several of you have asked over the years. Here is your chance!