News November 2007 Issue 5

Happy Holidays, Everybody

Things are nearly winter ready here...all equipment and tools should be picked up and put away around the barn and shop, as well as the basics of Hay and firewood in. Even though there is still no snow. At all. (Actually since we haven't had snow yet, I am on my third pickup...people keep forgetting and leaving them back out again.) This can be serious up here, our snowplow guy one year lost one of his snowplow blades for an entire winter. He was sure he knew which tree it was beside, he kicked piles of snow until March, didn't find it until the snow melted.) We should have a foot by now, the weatherman keeps promising, and it is certainly cold enough.

That alone has kept me in the studio, and yes, there is already a new sculpture for you to check out in the Works in Progress. "Parade" , the bust of an indian horse, ready for the celebration.

"Feels Soo Good" is also still available at the precast price, too, but not for much longer.

Something else new....For those of you who want to order that special present........ I am now offering a rather fancy "Confirmation of Order" certificate, with a photo of the sculpture for you to present your gift that is on it's way. Just tell me you would like one, I'll send it to you. (Why didn't I think of this before?) Of course, the actual patina may vary on your bronze, I may not have a photo of the patina you order, or you may want something special.

While prices will have to be going up after the first of the year because of our increased costs, we are honoring this years prices on orders received before the end of December.

We have a few beautiful bronzes ready to ship..available until sold: If you have any questions, please feel free to call at any time 1 208 265 9613. We will take your Mastercard or Visa over the telephone, no I don't have paypal, and for your protection, don't email me your card number. We are happy to work with you any way we can. So call now for on-time arrival of that very special Christmas surprise.

Our family wishes all of you the happiest of Holidays, and I am going to wish....

May All Your Christmases Be White.        Gabe