News Augest 2008 Issue 9

Hello Everybody

Summer has finally arrived in North Idaho, and so has MY BOOK. A SURVIVAL GUIDE FOR BRONZE SCULPTORS I have just sent in final approval of the first real copy of the volume. It looks pretty darn good if I say so myself. I now have in my hands both the hardback and the paperback books. I am placing my first order for printing today. I expect to have copies to send out to you in the next three weeks. For those of you who have requested notification, you will be contacted any day now.

So, okay, now you can send payment if you are ready to order. The paperback is $20.00, the hardback is $30.00. Please include $5.00 for shipping costs. Yes, I will have copies available at the shows I will be attending if you wish to pick one up then.

For a preview of the book, I refer you to the Xlibris web bookstore....once there go to Browse...Art/Sculpture and my book will pop up. You can read my introduction and sample pages there, and see the pretty cover. Yes, you can order it through Xlibris, but I would prefer, of course, that you order it through me. They even have a place where you can email me with questions right on the site, which I think is awfully nice of them.

This is the book for anyone who wants to know just why bronzes cost so much. The foundry process is explained in detail, both for the benefit of artists and bronze collectors. Yes, the book is full of illustrations, nearly all of my sculptures are there, (my collectors can probably find the one they own in the book.) If you have ever wanted to try sculpting, this book tells you just how to get started, (with lots of money saving ideas!) No matter what media you use for your art, you will also find a great deal of information on the business of selling your art, about shows, galleries, displays, and also just what I'd advise about your home office and other marketing ideas. In fact, there are several discussions that nearly all show organizers really wish all artists would read!

Check out my new works in progress for STAY THERE, my new lifesized fawn. The foundry bought two immediately. Even before they completed the bid process. This is one you will really enjoy. As usual, any orders are satisfaction guaranteed. One half down starts your new addition to your collection through the casting process. Give me a call or email to let me know the deposit is on its way and I'll reserve yours immediately.

As far as life in paradise is going, after a slow start, we are finally getting a productive garden. I did not plan on quite so many sunflowers, I guess the birds spread the seeds from last year, right now we have a forest in one corner. But we do love them, many of them are already ten feet tall. I have to hand water part of the area, they completely block the sprinklers.

The gallery and sculpture garden look wonderful right now. I am always so happy when so many of you come by to visit. I usually have plants to share, and Emmette fills baskets with produce for you to take home, too.

The horses and mules are enjoying the grass, and getting fatter. Lots more future compost. I am still trying to place the two mares that need homes, a four year old Tennessee Walker that is trained to ride, and the three year old Morgan who is started. Both are coal black and the sweetest things. They really deserve great homes with people who will love them back. Oh, I can also make you a real deal on a large Buff Orpington rooster or two, the hens have said enough is enough. Too much of a good thing.

I hope your summer is as lovely as ours. May you walk in beauty.....