News November 2008 Issue 10

Hello Everybody

Has everyone given up on my updates? I know it has been quite a while. Part of the delay is that I decided to be hopelessly middle aged and have gall bladder surgery. (Okay, middle age is pushing it once you get past sixty, but who is counting....) Anyway, my medical friends finally convinced me that since it was needed eventually, and I did not want an attack on the road at an art show, get it scheduled and get it done. Thank heavens for modern medicine!

And for those of you who live in interesting climates, you know what fall preparation for winter is like. Basically, if it ain't put away, you have lost it until the snow melts. And you just might need it before the end of March, or if it is like this year was, the end of April. There are four people living here. And you think picking up a living room is bad, try twenty acres. Weather wise, though, so far so good. Only a trace of snow and it melted. However, while we could have a mild winter, you prepare for the possible. At least this time when the deer got in the vegetable garden, I didn't mind. They managed to clean up the planting tire beds I hadn't gotten to yet. Now I just hope they will have forgotten where the food was by next Spring.

The sales of my book are going well. I hope to have some endorsements from some of the artists who have read it for you pretty soon. But the verbal comments have been very good. At least one instructor is recommending it to his sculpture students, too. I have them ready for immediate shipment if you have someone in mind for a Christmas present for them.

I don't have any new work ready for you right now, but I recommend that you check out the piece STAY THERE, the lifesize white tail fawn. The patina is incredible, and you will think for a moment it is real. Right now it is still on the works in progress, but not for much longer. Let me know if you are interested or have any questions.

I will be leaving for the Peppertree Ranch Art Show in a week. The show is December 6th and 7th. This will be your last chance to have the Peppertree experience, the ranch is being sold and this will be the last show there.

To plan your January schedule, the Colorado Indian Market will be January 23, 24, and 25th at the Denver Merchandise Mart. It is always wonderful. I hope you can make it.

I do hope to have at least one more new piece completed for Pre-cast special pricing at the Denver show. (I do have both a bear and a horse underway in the studio....keep checking on my progress.) Once it starts to snow, I really get to work.

Have a wonderful Holiday Season. Walk in beauty.....