News April 2009 Issue 11

Hello Everybody

It has been another North Idaho winter, which means that since the first of the year I have had lots of time to work in the studio. Check out the new works in progress here on the website, (and there have been a couple other projects taking my time in there, too.) But with several feet of snow on the ground I have had lots of time! Of course, being a gardener, my mind is still thinking of Spring, which helps explain the fountain pieces.

The snow is finally starting to melt off, in fact I have been known to stomp around outside kicking the bigger piles into smaller chunks. One bare spot has a half dozen crocus doing their best to bloom. But the rest of the area has the piles that fell off the roof, they will be with us awhile.

The chickens have started to lay and the turkeys are getting rowdy, if you know what I mean. The mules are showing signs of shedding, and boy, do they have cabin fever. But until the snow melts enough in the pastures for me to get out and repair the downed fence sections they will just have to stay in the paddocks. I know they will find the holes faster than I can fix them if I get in a rush.

Tomorrow we are off to Texas for the Texas Indian Market. Add in a short trip on down to the area below Beaumont, and I just hope I will be able to get to work outside by the time we get home. But we are really looking forward to seeing our friends at the show. And I have lots of sculpture to offer. I will be taking the three new waxes to show there, too. That show is always a lot of fun for everybody.

I know this is brief, and I hope to add a bit more when I get home. In the meantime, think Spring. Walk in beauty.....