News - Spring 2010 Issue 13

Hello Everybody

Have you given up on me? Even if we were blessed with a mild winter here, late winter brought some problems that have had me tied up. All is well now, but trying to keep a husband locked in his chair after two foot surgeries has taken up a lot of my time for the last three months. Thank heavens the doctor finally cleared him to get back on his at last! Some people just don't do nothing well and I have learned more about court TV than I really needed to know.

But the doors are opened for both of us, and it is well into garden preparation and post-winter clean up time. This year he promised me that our garden would NOT get any larger, moving the fence back from the fruit trees a few feet doen't count, you understand. And the tomato greenhouse is completed, and planted. It is a gamble up here, starting early, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. But the cool weather plants are coming up nicely, actually it works that I get each tire planter cleaned just in time for the next set of seeds to go in. There are only 118 of them. The big fire ring out in the meadow has been kept hot thru the rainy days with the stuff too big to compost, yes, we do chip what we can. We have a big compost pile out in a pasture, plenty for our neighbors to share, and they have been. All winter it has been turning in to the richest black sweet smelling stuff you could wish for your garden. Horse owners and gardeners, a match made in heaven.

I know my show schedule has been ligher this year. Part of the time we couldn't travel, and too, many shows have been canceled that I used to do. But this year I hope to add a couple of equine events as a in Kalispel and one in Libby. I know I will enjoy being at them. Check my show schedule for dates and more information. We were so sorry to miss our friends in Texas at the Texas Indian Market.

Some unhappy news, we lost our darling Fjord mare, Gretchen, a little while ago. Her health problems proved to be worsening and the vet couldn't save her. We still love the breed and hope someday to find another one as sweet and kind. Since I suspect most of my collectors have animals or have given their hearts to them along the line, well, it is the rest of the price you pay for having them share your lives.

On a happier note, our Queensland Heeler dog, Emmette's “baby” Beep, has finally grown a mind. And a very special one at that. By this winter we realized that she has turned herself somehow into a medic alert dog. She sleeps in a kennel beside Emmette and after about the third time she woke him scratching at the door and whining, it was coinciding with a low blood sugar event. She can somehow tell when his diabetes is causing a problem and makes a fuss until he gets up. Okay, maybe she was the hardest dog to housebreak I have ever had, she is worth ALL the trouble. And even more amazing to some of us, she has actually learned to SHUT doors! (Have you ever been in the bathroom when your dog or cat decides to join you....and you just can't reach the door from where you are?) She has reached the point now when I let her out I leave the door open just a little, and when she comes in half the time she shuts the door without being reminded. It is also handy when you have your arms full of groceries, too. Now we are working on assistance dog. She will hand us what we ask for, even a glass ashtray or metal things. I must admit my glasses did need cleaning after she handed them to me, and the big box of kleenex was never quite the same. Okay, she may never get to the point of getting a diet Pepsi out of the icebox, but then I never said I was a dog trainer.

New work in progress, Finally a rodeo bull! Living with an ex-bullrider, and traveling with my “brother” Ray, another one, it was going to happen. Hey we pay for the big channel program on our satellite just for Versus and the PBR. The bulls are magnificent critters. This big boy feels victorious

Whether or not the cowboy made eight seconds, and he is still ready to eat someone, cowboy or clown, if he gets the chance. You'd better climb the fence, cause he isn't going to leave the arena just yet. It is his VICTORY LAP. He will be Victory Lapcast in an edition of 20, your choice of patina color on his hide and if you'd like, I can even change the horns to look more like that one you rode that night that brought home the money. The only thing missing will be the smell of the dust. Real trophy size, 16” tall and 20” nose to tail. We can even order a special nameplate just for you and put the number you wore being stomped into the arena dirt. Special pre cast price $2800.00. Issue price will be $3800.00. (One note, some patinas may have to cost a bit more.)

The Sentry

I'd also like to introduce another sculpture, my brand new wolf piece, THE SENTRY. The pack rests, the alpha female cares for the cubs, but always one is on alert. Quietly watching. He can sit on your desk, watching over your world, too. Dark or light colored as you prefer. He is 8” long and 7” tall, being cast in a limited edition of 20. Place your deposit now for the special pre-cast price of only $850.00. Issue price will be $1200.00.

CavalierMany of you have already seen the photos of CAVALIER, my newest horse sculpture. This one is the size you like to display. He proudly stands 15” tall and is 19” long. A touch of arrogance, and a ton of pride, he knows you are watching as he trots across his paddock. Also being offered in a limited edition of 20, with your choice of patina, the pre-cast price is only $2400.00. The issue price will be at least $3300.00.

All three of these will be on display at the Ellensburg show, May 21 thru the 23rd. Depending on the weather, I also hope to be able to show them to you at the Ritzville Western Art Show the following weekend, May 29th and 30th.

I can't wait to see so many of you at these shows. And if you have any questions about the new work, or wish to reserve your casting, call me at 208 265 9613. Payment plans are always available.

Have a great Spring! Walk in beauty,