News - Spring 2011 Issue 14

Hello Everybody

Yes, I am still alive and functioning, and even getting some art work done! But as we are all aware, these last years have been slow for all of us. Shows have closed as have many galleries. And I am getting older and slowing down, at least where long trips to shows are concerned. I know I have said all this before, but while some parts of the economy show hope, doggonit, I'm not getting younger.

One of the casualties of the economy has been the closure of my favorite foundry, Cire Perdue. So many of us are going to miss those wonderful people. However, I do know of some wonderful foundries that are still turning out excellent work, I have cast with them in the past, so don't warn them, they may have me on their doorsteps again. Unfortunately they are rather farther away than thirty miles down the highway. Considering North Idaho, I doubt that they will have to worry about me until after the snow has melted. Not to worry, I still have my gallery full of beautiful bronzes. And of course, some paintings I am pretty proud of.

As far as life up here in snow country, well, we are wintering just fine. Mandy the wonder mule is awfully fat and sassy, she says she's not getting any older even if I am. She is still convinced that if I would just let her out to go look she could find some fresh grass somewhere. Old Joe, Emmette's mule, is just happy to be standing up to his knees in the expensive hay he decorates his stall with. As long as there is more in his manger for him to pick over he doesn't care about much. He knows he has warm Equine Senior, beet pulp and alfalfa cubes twice a day, his world is doing nicely, thank you.

We lost a beloved old friend in the house this fall, my Kelpie Jubal passed on. He is not replaced, but his dog dish is now being used by a new family member, Sir Donte Vincenzo, occasionally referred to as Donte, or Snowballs for Brains. Depending. I had always wanted to have a yellow lab....we started to look for a young male to adopt. We got a creme Golden Retriever just coming out of puppyhood. And we love him, and he is wonderful, even if his delight sometimes overrules his good sense and manners. It is hard to stay peeved at someone having such a good time even if he is doing something you rather wish he wouldn't. And he takes up a considerable amount of our bed, but he cuddles and on cold nights he is warm. I can do without the rest of my pillow, he does leave me a little part of it. Beep, Emmette's Queensland Red Heeler, had the final say about bringing him home. She thought he was just great until she informed me that it was time for him to end his visit and I had to explain he wasn't just visiting. She has been somewhat put out with me since. She tries to keep him in line but he has that lovely Golden attitude and just says Whatever and walks around her. So Emmette takes her for another tractor ride and she feels superior again.

Parts of the garden are visible between snow drifts today and I am thinking fondly of the Spring to come. And we are ready whenever it does get here. In the meantime I have several canvases stacked by the easel, and two more beadwork projects to complete for Emmette's Cherokee regalia. A new shipment of beads is expected in tomorow with the colors I have been missing. It is probably for the best that more snow is forecast, there is still too much to get done inside as yet. And I don't want to think too much about the garden this early or Emmette will get too many ideas for improvements he wants to make...and I have a blond young fellow who will need to learn just where he can and can't put his rather large feet once the snow does melt off the gardens we have.

Stay warm. I hope to see you on down the road, and remember our gallery is open to you if you get up this way.