gabe02large For over thirty years Gabe Gabel’s reputation has been growing as a quality sculptor and painter. She is now known nationwide and her name has become synonymous with anatomical and historical accuracy, but mainly for the incredible feeling of life in her work. Horsemen of all schools have marveled at her ability to recreate the power and movements of all breeds with all their individual characteristics. She has owned many breeds, horses who have been trained from stock work to dressage, from show animals to just good using grade horses.

Her historical and Native American sculptures reflect her lifetime interest and study. She was involved as a docent and active participant in the living history recreation at the HBC Fort Nisqually in Puget Sound She can handle the rather gritty reality of life at a fur-trade era rendezvous, and not only live comforably in a tipi for weeks at a time, but she can make all the period gear and clothing from buckskins to ball gowns.

Home is now thirty acres of North Idaho meadow and forest where the family stock co-exists nicely with most of the plentiful wildlife. Much of the land is given to habitat diversity.

Her show schedule and gallery appearances have taken her all over the Western states from Alaska to Texas and her work is also in the collections of many other artists.

award She has won numerous awards in many prestigious shows – click on the ribbon at left to see a partial listing – and has sold internationally and is also in the collections of many artists.

She is always willing to discuss commission pieces and has done several successful portrait sculptures of both people and animals as well as several life-size sculptures. With the introduction of so many new patinas, she also works closely with her collectors so that each bronze will display to the best advantage in each location. Quite often a limited edition of 20 sculptures may include varieties of over a dozen different patinas.

She prefers to keep her edition size as limited as possible – usually only 20 are released for sale – and the single artist’s proof always remains in her family’s private collection. She does not do partial casts or multiple sizes of her work. Therefore, if a collector is sincerely interested in a piece, she encourages them to consider reserving a casting on a payment schedule rather than returning at a future date only to find the edition sold out.

Please feel free to discuss such an arrangement with her at any time. All her sculpture is sold on an absolute satisfaction guarantee and this applies especially to ordered castings. Her work is cast by quality foundries who stand behind their work.

When you add a Gabe Gabel sculpture to your art collection you will find, as so many collectors have, you will have a special treasure that will be a source of pride and delight for all the years to come.