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Review by Jay Moynahan, Author and Art Appraiser

The title says it all; however the material in this book it is not pertinent only to sculptors. It is an excellent text for anyone trying to make a living selling fine art. It is also packed with information a collector or art aficionado will find most helpful.
Gabel has written a book that is both interesting and useful. She has drawn from her many years of experience as a successful artist and explains, how to succeed in the art business. She is secure enough that she readily admits her mistakes while warning the reader not to make the same ones.

Reading the book is like sitting down to coffee with an expert and having her tell you the tricks of the art trade. She discusses how to get started, how to run your business, how to treat customers, and most importantly, how to make money. She also provides advice on dealing with foundries, other artists, galleries and a whole host of people and situations in the art field.

Gabe writes like she talks: clear, concise and easy to understand. With her background in education she is a natural teacher and this comes across in her book, where she makes her topics come to life. The technical material is easy to understand and far from dry. You will find this book difficult to put down.

I particularly liked the short made up letters she intersperses throughout the text, addressing them to “Aunt Gabby”. The questions in these letters are typical of those an artist might ask. Her answers are illustrative, timely and well thought out.
This is a book to recommend to fledgling bronze sculptors, artists and collectors. A SURVIVAL GUIDE FOR BRONZE SCULPTORS is a valuable contribution to the art field.

J. M. Moynahan