How to Order

The best way to order your sculpture or painting is to call me and discuss what you would like.

Many bronzes are available for immediate shipment. And no order should take more than three months to be completed by the foundry, except where is a special circumstance, such as a pre-cast price offer on a sculpture that cannot go for casting until after a scheduled showing.

You can order your sculpture in your choice of patinas (the color of the bronze). While we cannot guarantee to exactly match the color of a horse from your photographs, we can come close. Markings such as white stockings, blazes, or paint house coat patterns are done with polychrome over the patina.

There are many choices available for today’s collector. Sometimes the display location of your work of art might mean a light patina would be best. Each of the new non-traditional patinas are by their very nature unique in pattern, each has its own particular beauty. You may also see a patina on another sculpture you would prefer. Please feel free to discuss this with me.

I am happy to accept Visa and Mastercard orders over the telephone. Orders are shipped UPS unless you wish other arrangements made.